5 Geheimtipps – Toskana abseits der Touristenpfade

Landscape of San Quirico d'Orcia in Tuscany

As one of the most magnificent and fascinating destinations in the world, Tuscany has been one the wish list of many travelers. It is definitely one of those places that capture your heart and imagination, with its iconic and serene landscapes of rolling hills, dotted with medieval towns and lonely villas. Beyond the cities, towns and villages, Tuscany is also blessed with amazing food and wine, welcoming people and a unique atmosphere that cannot be found elsewhere. While most travelers choose those famous picturesque destinations of Tuscany and everybody knows, there are still places well off the beaten track and equally inspiring. There is more to this land than Florence, Pisa, Siena or San Gimignano, with many other places to explore and things to experience.

    1. Visit the lesser known medieval villages and towns – While most tour buses and group of travelers will head towards the same destinations that have become famous along the years, Tuscany still hides countless treasures, towns and villages of immense beauty and charm. Getting off the main roads and exploring the countryside, visitors can still find places where the atmosphere still feels authentic. Some of the less known, yet hugely inspiring destinations of Tuscany include places like the town of Montefioralle with its flowery balconies and medieval walls that adorn the stone houses, or the town of Pitigliano, perched on its dramatic rock and surnamed “Little Jerusalem”. 
    • Stay in a traditional Tuscan farmhouse – Mostly known as agriturismo in Italy, staying in a traditional Tuscan farmhouse instead of a city hotel is greatly rewarding and enjoyable. Travelers have the unique chance to relax in the middle of the stunning countryside, the farmhouses being usually located between the hills, forests and vineyards of Tuscany. Most of them will also feature authentic experiences like wine making and tasting, cooking lessons or horseback riding, while the accommodation facilities are of the greatest quality, including splendid pools and traditional restaurants. Some great examples of splendid Tuscan farmhouses include the Agriturismo Le Calle from Cinigiano or the Settesoldi located in San Miniato.
    • Visit the Tuscan island of Elba – The main island of the Tuscan Archipelago is Elba and although it features historical and natural sights, it is often overlooked by most travelers to Tuscany. The island that served as an exile destination for Napoleon, it offers a dozen wonderful beaches, hiking opportunities, medieval castles and churches. Although not as popular as other Tuscan destinations, it does get crowded during the summer months, so it would be best to explore Elba in spring or autumn.
    • Choose to explore the countryside on a bike – Instead of joining a tour bus or renting a car, a much more pleasant and exciting way to discover the Tuscan countryside is by renting a bike and cycling. The splendid roads of the region will take you through some breathtaking scenery and you also get the chance to experience everything along the way, stopping when you want and visiting what you wish. The tiny, less traveled roads outside of the busier national roads are perfect for cycling and Italy is completely safe for this type of activity. Two fascinating areas of Tuscany that can be explored on a bike are Val d’Orcia and the Chianti Wine Region.
    • Relax on the beaches of the Versilia Coast – While most travelers know Tuscany for its famous postcards with the famous museums and churches of Florence or the medieval hilltop towns, the region also has an extensive coast along the Ligurian Sea. One of the most pleasant seaside destinations of Tuscany is the Versilia Coast, with long perfect beaches and calm seas. Travelers can stay in the resort of Forte dei Marmi or the town of Viareggio while enjoying the amazing beaches and thrilling water activities. Mostly visited by Italians, these destinations are great for a different Tuscan experience.

    Italian village from the Langhe region in Italy

    Wir, die Gründer von Italiaplus, lieben die kleinen zauberhaften Orte Italiens und verbinden seit über zehn Jahren Leidenschaft und außergewöhnliche Erlebnisse mit unseren Veranstaltungen. Aus der Reise- und Eventbranche kommend, haben wir beide unabhängig voneinander unseren Weg nach Italien gefunden und viele Kontakte geknüpft, die einem nicht ortsansässigen Reisebüro nicht zugänglich sind.

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